Communication Plus first began as a 24/7 Health line, provided from a house in Birmingham and has since grown to one of the largest Sign Language Service Providers in the West Midlands.

We began as a small team, providing Sign Language Interpreters and notetakers to Adult Social Care teams and in Healthcare settings at short notice, across the West Midlands.  The demand was great and Communication Plus soon expanded, providing BSL Language Professionals to Education, Employment and within the Community.

The original Health Line was established in memory of Albert Clinton, who was subject to the poor service he had always campaigned against.  Albert held the same beliefs that we did, that every Deaf person should have access to an Interpreter whenever and wherever they needed them.  Unfortunately, at the most critical point of his life, neither he nor his partner, Margaret, had access to an Interpreter.  Together with Margaret, we sought to ensure that this would not happen again in the West Midlands and so established the first 24/7 emergency line.  A model that, nationally, many others have replicated.

We are now proud to hold the contract with a number of NHS Trusts across the West Midlands.  We work in partnership with Trusts and agencies to ensure that Deaf people have appropriately qualified interpreters, sometimes with only one day’s notice and in emergencies, within 2 hours.

Communication Plus is now 10 years old. We are proud of our achievements so far, but still believe there is so much more we can do.