Communication Support Workers

If you are a BSL user enrolled in a college course, or you are a college with Deaf students, Communication Plus is here for you.

We provide Communication Support Workers, trained and qualified at Level 6, and above, to support students in accessing all parts of college life. Communication Plus CSWs are selected for their language ability and their ability to support students to attain the best they can. We understand that learning doesn’t end in the classroom and our CSWs understand that too. They will support the student in understanding their subject, developing project work, accessing exams and socialising with peers.

Communication Plus uses stringent assessment and excellent training to make sure our CSWs are of the highest calibre The client is at the heart of our service and this is no different for College Students. We want to provide a service that empowers them to have total access to their education, without any barriers. We do this by providing the right CSW for the course, considering their background experience as well as their language abilities. We offer students a ‘pool’ of CSWs so they can build good working relationships, develop subject language and, ultimately, achieve great results!