From the job interview and the first day at work to those last minute meetings and general office communication, our Interpreters are available and able to offer the Language Support you need.

We value our customers who use us in their work environment. We understand the importance of consistency and prior knowledge and therefore strive, as much as possible, to ensure that each customer has a small pool of preferred interpreters to book for appointments. 

We understand that meetings can be called at the last minute or appointments can be rearranged without prior notice.  We are flexible in our cancellation fees and will make efforts to rearrange the Interpreter so that your Access to Work budget is unaffected.

Access to Work Budgets

As an agency we understand that the management of your Access to Work budget and the associated paperwork can often be an added pressure. Once we are established as your Interpreting provider, we can work with you to make recommendations as to the effective use of Interpreters to ensure that hours are not over-used.

We are an open company and will be transparent with you about our hours and charges.  The Access to Work budget is YOUR budget and will be managed with you, not for you, allowing you to be in constant control.

Deaf Awareness

We train you, support you and we also offer ongoing consultancy at no extra cost once your course is complete.

A Deaf Awareness session is the best starting point to working with Deaf colleagues or serving Deaf Customers and understanding this, we provide specially tailored, active training sessions.  Participants are encouraged to take an active part in the course, gaining the skills to communicate in confidence with their deaf or hearing colleagues or customers.

Our trainers are all Deaf, BSL users and give participants a first hand experience of communication and of making effective use of the Interpreter. Feedback from our course is always very positive, with clients stating that they leave feeling equipped and confident.

It doesn’t stop there!  We will give you a contact person, who can be there if communication breaks down or if further work is needed.  This contact is at no extra cost to you and will be a vital source for information and advice when you need it.