Which service do I need?

When you book a Sign Language Professional, the first thing to ask is “What are their communication needs”? Not all BSL users require the same communication support. Here is a description of what is available to you through Communication Plus.

24×7 Interpreters Call or Text 07887 622 746

Our 24/7 service was launched in March 2005 in Memory of Albert Clinton, a man who was passionate that Deaf people should be able to access Interpreters 24/7, particularly in emergencies.The events leading up to the loss of Albert highlighted the importance of this provision, as no interpreters were made available to him or his family members at such a crucial time.

The story of Albert is, sadly, not uncommon and thus formed the reason for our Emergency Interpreting Service, in an effort to avoid it happening again.Emergencies can happen at any time and, in response to this, Communication Plus operates a 24 hour, seven days a week emergency line with interpreters available across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

If you need an Interpreter in an emergency please contact 07887 622 746 to be put in touch with our 24/7 bookings. Alternatively, you can be sent an emergency contact card to hand to the emergency service for them to contact us.

We aim to ensure that an Interpreter will arrive within one hour of contact, depending on distance travelled.

Deaf Relay Interpreter/Intermediary

In some instances the use of a hearing BSL/English Interpreter may not be sufficient to meet the needs of particular Deaf language users. This may be due to their knowledge, understanding, their language ability or their use of BSL as a secondary or tertiary language.

In these instances it is recommended that a trained Deaf Relay/Intermediary Interpreter who, as a BSL first language user, is able to further adapt language to ensure full comprehension of all parties present accompany the Qualified Interpreter.

Communication Plus is able to provide trained professionals to offer this service in a variety of settings including Social Services, Mental Health, Medical and Legal appointments. For further information on how this situation is managed and to enquire about booking a Deaf Relay Interpreter / Intermediary please contact Communication Plus.

Deaf International Sign Language

Birmingham and the West Midlands have a culturally and linguistically diverse population. Many Deaf people use BSL as a secondary or tertiary language and prefer to communicate using International Sign Language.

Communication Plus has a trained and experienced in-house Deaf Interpreter who is available to accompany Qualified BSL/English Interpreters, providing International Relay services in a variety of settings, particularly immigration appointments and other related assignments.


The needs of students in Education vary from one person to the next. It is our aim that all Deaf students are provided with translation services specific to their needs.

We have a large team of Communication Support Workers who work in various colleges across Birmingham and the West Midlands, providing a much praised service that is consistent and of the highest quality.

We are also able to provide BSL/English Interpreters, Lipspeakers, Notetakers and Speech to Text recorders to ensure that students have the best possible access to their studies.

For details of feedback and services available in your local college please see our Students page.


Communication Plus has vast experience of providing interpreters and other LSPs to various employment settings, from interview to induction and training to daily interpreting support.

Arrangements of interpreting contracts include full consultation with both the Employer and the Employee(s) to ensure the needs of both are met and the appropriate Interpreter is allocated.

We recognise the need for flexibility in the workplace as appointments are often booked and cancelled at the last minute and provision must be made for this. Interpreters working for Communication Plus work on the basis of flexibility where the needs of the client in the work are paramount.

Healthcare Setting

Communication Plus holds contracts with PCTs and hospitals across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Bookings are not limited to office hours and contact can be made out of hours via our 24/7 booking line.

We work closely with health professionals and local hospitals to ensure that Deaf patients have access to appropriate Interpreters 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other Services

We also provide translation services to the following settings:

  • Conferences and seminars
  • Staff, team and union meetings
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Legal settings including police, court, solicitor, prison and probation meetings
  • Social services including all elements of social care and support
  • Theatre and concerts

Religious and Cultural Events

Religious settings require interpretation not only of language but also of deeper spiritual meanings. Many of our Interpreters have years of experience working in religious settings and are therefore able to provide a holistic service in various religious settings and cultural events.

If you have an event you would like to book an Interpreter for, please contact our booking line to discuss your specific needs.